Rates & Reservation Requests

Open 4/29/2022 - 10/30/2022

The fuel saver special will be available in 2022. Stay 2 consecutive non – holiday weekends before Memorial Day or after Labor Day, leave the camper on site, plugged in for the week for the cost is a single site night. (Not available for multiple consecutive weekends; availability permitting.)

Daily Campsite Rates

Water / 30 amp Electric
(shaded or open)

Full Hook Up 30 amp
(water, 30 AMP electric & sewer)
$65.00 - $70.00

Full Hook Up 50 amp
(water, 50 AMP electric & sewer)
$70.00 - $75.00

Seasonal Site Rate*
(includes annual site rental and 24/7 access for 2 people between 4/29/22 and 10/30/22 when the account is in good standing)
Site with water, electric & weekly pump out or sewer: $4,375.00
Additional surcharges apply.
Pets Are Welcome – restrictions apply!
Click here for our full 2022 Seasonal Rates and Dates information sheet (PDF).
Please call or come by and we’ll be happy to show you around!

Cabin Rentals

All Cabins come equipped with campus refrigerators, overhead fans with lights, screened windows, mattresses, tables with chairs, picnic table, fire ring, and drinkable water on site. (No tents are allowed at cabin sites.)

Supplies: You must bring your own towels, bed linens, pillows, blankets, ice chest, battery lantern & flashlights, cooking utensils, dishes, food… and don’t forget the coffee pot. Should you forget something, our Country Store is well-stocked.

A credit card must be provided at check and will be retained on file for incidentals. Must be at least 21 years of age to rent a cabin.

Luxury Cabins
Full bathroom, 2 bedrooms (with two doubles or double and bunks), living room, full kitchen with 2 burner cook top and full refrigerator, covered front porch

Premium Cabins
Full bathroom, kitchenette, double bed, three bunk beds in bedroom, couch, covered front porch

Deluxe Cabins
Full bathroom, kitchenette, queen bed, bunk bed in separate room

Cozy Cabins
One room, double bed, bunk bed

*plus tax

Rates are based on 2 people and are subject to change.
Check in is 3 – 9 pm (we have a late arrival process for guests with advance reservations if the office is closed) & check out is noon for all sites and cabins.
Additional charges (half day site rental) for arrival before noon or departure after 3:00 PM may be available.
A half day fee will be charged for early arrival or late departure (before/after noon).
Sunday – Thursday arrivals after 5:00 PM should call to coordinate check in.

Additional Charges

Dinner Guest (5:00-9:00PM):
18+ $5.00, 3-17 $2.00, 2 and under free
Day Guest (out by 9:00PM):
18+ $10.00, 3-17 $3.00, 2 and under free
Overnight Guest:
18+ $15.00, 3-17 $5.00, 2 and under free
Additional Guests may not bring pets.

Dumping Station: No charge for registered campers
Honey Wagon service: $15 for one connection and up to 3 tanks, $25 for multiple connections

All visitors must register upon arrival; charges are refunded for stays of less than one hour. Day visitors must leave by 9 PM.

No more than 4 adults and a total of 6 people allowed as overnight guests on any site. One car is allowed per site in wooded section.

Reservation Policies

Reservations are recommended, but not required. Weekends: 2 night minimum; (Holiday weekends – 3 night minimum).
Reservations may be made by phone (908-459-4079) or electronically on this site. Deposits sent by check must be received within five days or the reservation will be automatically cancelled. We do accept personal checks 14 days prior to arrival. There is a $35 charge for returned checks.
All reservation confirmations are sent via email.
Refunds: There are no refunds for weather or cancellations less than 10 days in advance of the stay. Any cancellation more than 10 days in advance will incur a $10 administration charge.

Reservation Requests

Make your TripleBrook Camping Resort reservation requests online! Simply complete the form below, indicating your dates of arrival and departure, number of people, the type of camping equipment which you will be using, and your basic contact information. Please understand that this is strictly a Reservation Request Form. You do not have an actual reservation until we have contacted you confirming the availability of space and you have paid the necessary reservation deposit. Please let us know how to best contact you, either via e-mail or phone. Be sure to include your cell phone number if you are on the road. We will do our best to reply promptly, generally within 24 hours, to confirm availability and to obtain the necessary deposit.

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By submitting this online reservation request form, I am authorizing TripleBrook RV & Camping Resort to charge the credit card that I have on file or that I will provide over the telephone to TripleBrook RV & Camping Resort’s authorized representative. I also agree to abide by TripleBrook RV & Camping Resort’s cancellation policy terms and conditions.
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